Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum contract period?

No. There is no minimum contract period or ‘tie-in’, but you do have to give 1 months notice if you wish to leave. We will only invoice you for the work carried out therefore you can end the engagement with 7 day notice. And will charge you the final amount. 

Can I send you my documents electronically?

Yes, if you agree us working remotely we must have access to documents. So we will advice how to send us the documents securely online.

I already have an accountant - can you work with them?

Yes, we are happy to liaise with your own accountants.

Why should I outsource? Can't I do it myself?

You can maintain your own records, however, accounts can be time consuming and complex if you encounter a PAYE, tax or VAT issue or are unsure of best practice.

If you are busy running or growing your business it is likely that you lack the resources to dedicate to proper accounting, and if you don’t enjoy it either it will quickly become a burden. With a multitude of responsibilities to run a business day-to-day it’s all too easy to forget a VAT return or miss a payment.

Do you do payroll?

Yes, we can set you up with a cloud payroll system that connects with your accounting software. We’ll ensure the details from each pay run are accounted for in your financial records and reconciled against your bank statement.

What accounting software do you support?

We uses Sage, QuickBooks and Xero accounting software in most of our client engagements. We can also support Sage and Quickbooks Desktop in some instances.